Get new skills for a digital world

I was commissioned by House of Greenland to design a new version of Digital Garage, Google’s e-learning website. My mission was to design 30 one-minute videos with a fun, modern and friendly vibe. The main challenge was that they all had to be easy to animate because of a very short timing, and needed to be translated into 15 languages. Together with a great team of producers, designers and animators, we made it.

Google Digital Garage


Client: Google
Production: House Of Greenland
Producer: Léa Carteaux & Simone Dembitzer
Creative Direction: Claudio Salas & Pablo Lozano
Art Direction: Pat Grivet
Lead Animation: Romain Loubersanes
Character & Backgound Design: Pat Grivet, Doug Hindson, Dana Giurescu, Alex Covella
Icon & device design: Emily Suvanvej
Motion Design: Romain Loubersanes, Pablo Lozano,Doug Hindson, Joe Le Huquet, Joe Bichard, Mattias Breitholtz, Jesse Collett, Luiz Stockler, Alex Covella
Storyboard: Luiz Stockler, Jesse Collett, Dana Giurescu
Assistant: Lynn Yun